Anna consults with a range of non-profit organizations, labor unions, media institutions, foundations, and individual donors. Services include engagement with donors and impact investors, creative media production and strategy consulting.




As a funder herself of grassroots food and farming initiatives for more than a decade, Anna works to connect funders to important food and agriculture efforts, helps those interested in deepening their current giving in this area and engages with impact investors interested in supporting food system change. Anna’s own foundation, the Small Planet Fund, has given away more than $1 million to community-based food projects throughout the United States and abroad. Two of her Fund’s core grantees have been honored with a Nobel Peace Prize since the Fund’s founding in 2002. In addition, Anna is the advisor to the Food Program at the Panta Rhea Foundation, a family foundation based in Marin County, California.


Anna’s media spans co-hosting a public television series, authoring books and contributing to anthologies, guest magazine editing for special issues on food as well as producing fundraisers and public events. With her team at Real Food Media, Anna develops creative media initiatives and works with grassroots organizations to strengthen their storytelling chops and create powerful, movement-building media. Real Food Media has produced short videos taking on big food myths and has developed the largest international short films competition on food, farming and sustainability themes, among other projects. Learn more at


Anna has provided strategic consulting to a range of organizations, including Corporate Accountability International, one of the nation’s longest standing defenders of public health and the environment in the face of corporate abuse. She is also an active board member of the Rainforest Action Network and of the San Francisco Bay Area writer’s retreat, the Mesa Refuge. In addition, she serves as an advisor to numerous initiatives, including Real Food Challenge and Civil Eats and is a champion for progressive food and farming policy at the local, state, and national level.