Real Food Media


Powerful media and storytelling to inspire, educate and grow the movement for sustainable food and farming.

We recognize that every year agribusiness, biotech and agrochemical companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to shape what people believe is sustainable, healthy and fair. Real Food Media works to combat this misinformation with creative communications that rely on research, not rhetoric. We are a clear and synthesizing voice for the sustainable food movement, popularizing complex ideas and policy for a general audience. We are a communications resource, creating our own content and catalyzing storytelling that otherwise would not occur. Through our initiatives, we inspire and motivate people to believe that changing the food system is possible and to perceive ways that they can make a difference, both large and small. We do all this while keeping our core team lean and nimble and tapping strategic collaborators, from organizational allies to high-level advisors and media partners.

Our suite of programs include:
Real Food Films: An international short films contest, global pop-up film festivals and an online library of more than 70 short films on food. All free and shareable.

Food MythBusters: Tools to take on food industry PR spin, including an online video series, mythbusting reports and a rapid response network.

Popular Education: Farm-to-table dinners. Webinars. Conferences. Columns and thought pieces. An online book club. We connect with you online and off to spark engaging conversations about the future of food. Learn more about our founder, Anna Lappé, or invite her to speak at an upcoming event via

Partnerships: Unique collaborations to craft storytelling, web and media tools that support grassroots campaigns and policy change. Campaigns include Voices of the Food Chain in collaboration with StoryCorps and leading communications and website strategy for the national Good Food Purchasing Program with Food Chain Workers Alliance and the Center for Good Food Purchasing.