Diet for a Small Planet @ 50


Anna was delighted to work with her mother on the 50th anniversary edition of the 1971 bestseller, Diet for a Small Planet out September 2021. 


With 3.5 million copies of the earlier editions sold, the book is a touchstone for many, sparking a transformation in how many people thought about their food choices. 


Frances wrote Diet because she had uncovered a powerful truth: While experts at the time were warning that the planet faced imminent famine, she discovered there was more than enough to feed us all—that the powerful were actually squandering scarcity by prioritizing grain-fed, industrial meat production. She discovered that, at heart, solving hunger wasn’t about producing more, but fostering more democracy: enabling people to make real choices about their food.


In this new edition, Frances shares her five-decade journey from her first awakening to the waste and destruction built into grain-fed, industrial livestock production to what she’s learned over these years about the ways to foster real democracy and address hunger’s root causes.


Together with her mother, Anna worked on this edition and helped to develop partnerships with colleagues around the world to help spread the book and its core messages about sustainability, justice, and hope. 


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