Fixing Food in Four Minutes or Less

by Anna Lappé for Huffington Post   Last fall, when I launched the first-ever Real Food Media short films contest with project partners around the country, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I just knew that there were incredible stories of people farming, growing, cooking, and sharing food as well as fighting […]

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This Food Day, Feast on FEEST

by Anna Lappé for Huffington Post   Today for the third year in a row, thousands of people from all 50 states, will be celebrating a new national event: Food Day. Started by the Center for Science in the Public Interest with support from grassroots activists and community organizations around the country, Food Day is […]

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Hey Big Food, Our Children are None of Your Business

by Anna Lappé for Corporate Accountability International   Did you know that Nabisco touts a preschool-age “Oreo Cookie Counting Book” and Hershey’s publishes a “Hershey’s Kisses Multiplication Book”? Did you know that these books are just one of the countless tactics Big Food uses to market to our kids throughout their lives — even in […]

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What Ronald Reagan Has to Do with Dora on Your Popsicle Package

by Anna Lappé for Earth Island Journal The backstory behind Shrek hawking Twinkies   If asked to think of the lasting legacies of Ronald Reagan, you might conjure up the long shadow of US military intervention in Central America or the coordinated attack on organized labor and public-sector programs. Probably few of us would think about […]

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Time for Action on Marketing to Kids

by Anna Lappé for   On September 18th, the First Lady brought together 100 parent leaders, government agency representatives, researchers, and food and media industry executives–from McDonalds to PepsiCo to Coca-Cola–in the first ever White House Convening on Food Marketing to Children. It was a big deal.   Since President Reagan stripped the power […]

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