What if School Lunch Programs Promoted Public Health, Good Jobs, and the Environment?

by Anna Lappé and Jose Oliva, The Nation Eleven billion dollars. That’s the total tally of the national school-food program in the United States and just a small fraction of what public institutions in this country spend every year in taxpayer dollars on food—including food for county jails, hospitals, city parks, and more. Public food […]

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School Lunches Across the U.S. May Be Moving Towards Healthy Organic Food

Schools are beginning to explore sustainable procurement policies. Originally posted on Alternet By Anna Lappé January 18, 2017 When you picture school lunch what comes to mind? Gooey pizza and floppy French fries, or fresh organic produce and chicken raised without routine antibiotics? My guess is the former. But thanks to advocates around the country, […]

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