ClimateOne: Plate to Planet with Anna Lappé and Mark Kurlansky

Anna had a blast with  Mark Kurlansky at ClimateOne in San Francisco discussing food, climate, and farming. Listen to the podcast episode here, watch a short clip of Anna on the scalability of organic farming, and make sure to follow ClimateOne for more podcasts and events like this.   Find this discussion at ClimateOne’s website.  Photo […]

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The Billion-Dollar Business to Sell Us Crappy Food

by Anna Lappé for Al Jazeera America At the turn of the last century, the father of public relations, Edward Bernays, launched the Celiac Project, whose medical professionals recommended bananas to benefit celiac disease sufferers. Those pitched on the sweet fruit’s miraculous properties didn’t know the project was actually created for the United Fruit Co., […]

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The Long, Dirty Trail of Fake Science

by Anna Lappé for Al Jazeera America “Doubt is our product,” wrote executives for tobacco giant Brown & Williamson in a now infamous 1969 memo on industry communications strategy. The memo was revealed during discovery in class-action lawsuits against tobacco companies that would eventually yield a trove of 85 million pages. Among those pages are […]

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The Diet We Need for a Sustainable Planet

by Anna Lappé for Al Jazeera America Forty-four years ago my mother, Frances Moore Lappé, published “Diet for a Small Planet,” a book that dared to suggest human beings could survive, even thrive, on a plant-centered diet and that doing so would be good for our bodies and the planet. Part meatless cookbook, part treatise […]

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5 Amazing Things I Learned from the World’s Leaders of the Organic Food Movement

A few weeks ago, at an international summit of the global network for organic agriculture, delegates from Fiji were excited to share the news that one of the islands in the tiny archipelago nation had gone 100 percent organic. The community had kicked out all toxic pesticides and imported, synthetic fertilizer. The impetus for the decision […]

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