Hey, Food Movement: We’re Being Heard

Last week, Fortune ran an article with this headline: “Campbell Soup CEO says distrust of ‘Big Food’ a growing problem.” Apparently the CEO of the soup giant explained that a “growing skepticism of large food makers that has resulted from consumers’ changing tastes as a key challenge for her industry.” Yes! That’s right. The diverse and growing movement for real food–food that is good for our bodies and the planet–is apparently making a dent in the profits of this multi-million dollar company, maker of the classic soups, V8, and more. Not so surprisingly the CEO was lamenting its fate, but I didn’t hear much about maybe, just possibly, listening to the reasons for discomfort and actually considering radically reformulating its products so that health- and enviro-concious consumers would actually buy it. As it stands, its signature soups will typically deliver a whopping dose of sodium, fat, and even sugar. Pop open of can of beef and vegetable soup and chow down on nearly your entire day’s worth of recommended sodium.

For the full scoop, check out Tom Philpott’s post this week in Mother Jones.

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