Important New Study on Pesticides and the Benefits of Organic

Great reporting over at Civil Eats today on an important new study looking at pesticide residues in the diets of people consuming organic and non-organic foods. Its described as the “largest study to look at organophosphate exposure in humans.” The study found that people consuming diets of chemically grown produce had higher concentrations of chemicals in their urine than those eating organic produce. As Elizabeth Grossman, for Civil Eats, writes: “those who ate the least organic produce had as much as twice the pesticide levels as those who ate organic the most frequently.”  This study adds to a growing body of literature about the harmful effects of using toxic chemicals to grow our food – from the impact on farmers, farmworkers, and their children to the birds and the bees that call farms home, to those of us eating food.

The chemical industry is not going to be happy that yet another study proves what we’ve known all along: Eating organic food is a wise choice for you, me, and the planet.

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