What Bernie Gets Wrong About the Soda Tax

As published in  An estimated 27,500 people in Los Angeles, 20,000 in Seattle, and 18,500 in the Bronx: Bernie Sanders is sparking some of the biggest crowds in primary history. For millions across the country, his message is clearly resonating. It’s refreshing to hear someone running for the country’s highest office finally articulate (without any prodding!) […]

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Continuing the Washington Post Conversation

The author of the Washington Post piece that Congresswoman Pingree and I responded to posted a retort on Facebook (and Twitter for that matter), echoing the point in her piece that the data simply isn’t there to detect a real food movement. Here’s how I responded to her on Facebook: It seems like there are […]

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Lobbyists Distort Our Idea of a Healthy Diet

by Anna Lappé for Al Jazeera America If you made National Geographic collages of the basic four food groups — meat, dairy, grains and fruits and vegetables — in elementary school as I did, you have the federal government’s dietary guidelines to thank. Every five years, the government reviews these recommendations and releases new advice to […]

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Don’t Be Fooled by the Food Industry’s Smart Labels

by Anna Lappé for Al Jazeera America American consumers are waking up to the fact that a lot remains hidden about what is in their food and how it is produced. As a result, they are increasingly demanding greater access to information about added sugar, potential allergens, irradiation, use of antibiotics and more. The food […]

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