Keynote Speeches, Workshops, and Panels

Selected events: alphabetical by host institution


18th Annual IFOAM Organic World Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, Keynote talk

AASHE Student Summit, Portland, OR, Keynote talk

Baum Forum on Food and Farming, Keynote Lecture (others included Alice Waters, Eric Schlosser, and Michael Pollan)

BioEthics Conference, Chicago, IL, Farmer Forum on GMO’s

Bioneers by the Bay, Marion, MA

Bioneers by the Bay: Connecting for Change, Marion, MA, Plenary Talk

Bioneers Conference, San Rafael, CA

Bioneers East Conference, New York City

Bioneers Satellite Conference, Opening Lecture, Telluride, CO

Bioneers, San Rafael, CA, Grub book signing & lecture

California Association of Food Banks Training Conference, Sacramento, CA, Keynote

Center for Ecoliteracy, Community Dinner, Berkeley, CA

Center for Informed Food Choices, Keynote Speech

Childhood Hunger Forum, Portland, OR

Choosing Courage Workshop, Hollyhock Retreat Center, Cortes, Canada

Church World Service, “Putting Justice on the Table,” Hinsdale, Illinois

Community Food Security Coalition Conference, “Nourishing Change: Multimedia Approaches to Outreach,”

Community Food Security Coalition Conference, Vancouver, BC, Grub book signing & lecture

Disposable Film Festival: The Concrete Kitchen, A Night of Food + Film about Urban Farming, San Francisco, CA

Eco-Farm Conference, Asilomar, California

Eco-Metropolis, Keynote Address, New York City

Edible Institute and Publishers Meeting, New York, NY

Food and Society Conference, Asheville, NC, FAS Conference Session

Food and Society Conference, Asheville, NC, FAS Reception with Authors & Artists

Food and Society Networking Conference, Factories, Farmworkers, and College Food: The Power of Procurement and the Potential of Student Organizing

Food for Thought Festival, Madison, WI, Keynote & Grub book signing

Foundation for Global Community, Keynote Speech, Palo Alto, CA

Global Party for a Human Planet, Panelist, New York City-Addis Ababa-Paris-Tokyo

Green Nations Gathering, New York, Plenary Talk and Workshop, “Food Activism: Bringing Global Perspectives to Local Solutions,”

Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Community Presentation, New York City

KNOW GMO with Charleston-Orwig, Milwaukee, WI

La Peña Cultural Center with the MST, Community Presentation

Living Green Expo, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Marion Institute, “Silent No More,” Special Event with Vandana Shiva, Wanjira Maathai, and others

Marion Institute, Event with Wangari Maathai, Marion Massachusetts

Media that Matters, Hollyhock Retreat Center

MOSES Organic Farming Conference, La Farge, WI

Natural East Expo, Baltimore, MD, Grub book signing & lecture

Natural Products Association Expo, Keynote, Las Vegas, Nevada

Northeast Organic Farmers Annual Conference, Keynote Speech, Albany, New York

Ohio Ecological Farmers Association Annual Conference, Columbus, Ohio

Omega/Integrative Nutrition Conference, Rhinebeck, NY, Keynote & Grub book signing

Origins Corporation-Organic Division, Special Presentation on Organics, New York City

Oxfam International Student Fair Trade Conference, Washington DC

PowerShift Conference, University of Maryland, Panel on Climate Change and Agriculture

Presbyterians Restoring Creation, Keynote Speech, Mo Ranch, near Austin, Texas

Rise: The Better Living Expo, Toronto, Canada

Rolling Thunder Chautauqua Tour, Community Presentation, Chicago, IL

RSF Social Finance Brownbag Lunch Speaker, San Francisco

Savoy Restaurant, Special Media Dinner for Fair Trade Month (with TransFair USA)

Sierra Club Conference, Health: Your Earth, Your Life

Slow Food-Austin, Austin Museum of Art, Special Event

Sustainable Foods Institute, Monterey, CA

Unitarian Universalists WomenSpirit Conference, Springfield, IL

Unitarian Universalists, Long Island, New York

Unitarian Universalists, New York City

VegSource Annual Conference, Keynote Speaker (others included John and Ocean Robbins, Dr. Dean Ornish)

What’s the Economy For, Anyway? Conference Panelist, Washington DC

WhyHunger Annual Conference, New York City, Panelist

WhyHunger Food Justice Forum, New York City, Panel Moderator

Wild Oats, Special Event Keynote and Fundraiser for Fiji Organic, St. Louis, Missouri

Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Conference, Keynote, Cambridge, MA

Women in Agriculture Conference

WomenSpirit Conference, Springfield, IL, Keynote Lecture

WomenSpirit Conference, Springfield, IL, Workshop Leader

Workshop Presentation, Community Food Security Coalition

World Council of Churches, Hinsdale, IL, Keynote Lecture: “Just Eating: Putting Justice on the Table”