Looking to connect over Skype or a Google+ hangout? Anna is happy to collaborate online through webinars, virtual conversations and workshops with groups around the world.


Virtual Events + Webinars

Selected events: alphabetical by sponsoring institution

Food MythBusters Livestream Launch, Online webinar

Franciscan Action Network, Online webinar

National Sustainable Food Summit, Online webinar (Australia)

Robert Kenner, Director of Food Inc., Online webinar

Sundance Institute, virtual Q&A with Keri Putnam, Executive Director

Sustainable Food Systems Speaker Series, Skype

WhyHunger Google+ Hangout, Junk food marketing and youth


Becky Clausen

Becky Clausen

Sociology Professor / Fort Lewis College

"Anna Lappe's book Diet for a Hot Planet was the perfect supplement to my Introduction to Sociology course. Her engaging and informed writing helped my students make connections between issues of social and ecological justice. Her willingness to "visit" my class through a Skype interview gave students an inspiring glimpse of an agent of change, and helped them breakdown the artificial barriers they often set up between the "experts" and themselves."