World Hunger: 10 Myths

When my mom set out to update her seminal book busting the myths about world hunger, she told me the new title would be World Hunger: 10 Myths. “So, you defeated two myths?” I asked. “Uh, no,” she replied. “We consolidated.” Okay, so these myths about world hunger may still be alive and well, but her new take on the myths of world hunger is as refreshing and eye-opening as her last. She takes on the myth that we need GMOs to feed the world; that the free market will just fix it; that overpopulation dooms us to famine and more. As a sideline observer (and sometimes fact checker) to her meticulous process in writing and researching this book, I can tell you it should be on everybody’s reading list who cares about understanding the root causes of hunger and how to address them. But don’t just believe my hype. Check out this great review.

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